New Zealand-American dictionary

Here are the words I’m learning to adapt to! It’s heavily influenced by the british, but it still takes some getting used to! And if there is an sentence, it’s what I actually heard them (or remembered them) saying.

dosh- money/rich

fizzy drink-pop/soda

good on ya!-good for you

ice block-Popsicle



pudding-dessert “We didn’t have eggs so I couldn’t make any pudding.”

cotton buds-Qtip

tea-dinner “We’re going to my mums for tea later.”

ute (pronounced yute) (cuz you utilize it!)/trolli- truck


4 thoughts on “New Zealand-American dictionary

  1. Hi Hillary,
    Thanks for keeping us updated. Glad you got there safe. Eat some pink ladies for me, they’re my favorite too! =)
    Paytyn misses you and says she’ll be ready for some more walking when you get back. Smile! We look forward to tagging along with you on your trip. Have a blast!
    Love, T

  2. Hi Hillary;

    What a trip that you’ve barely arrived and already all these pictures for us to enjoy! It sounds like a sweet living situation. I look forward to hearing more about your new home, new job, and explorations. Speaking of explorations, in case you didn’t get the contact information I sent you (Hilda’s friend Dulcie’s daughter), at the risk of being a pest, here it is again: Judy and Simon Willis, 41 Doves Bay Road, RD #1, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, NZ 0294; phone 09-407-7054; email Judy told Dulcie they would love to “show you around” and could even put you up at their place. They are sailing people (Simon is a professional sail-maker) and are getting their boat ready for an around-the-world adventure starting in October. Anyway, I am proud of your spirit of adventure and sure this will be a great experience all around. Take care – Tom

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