Wine weekend

So this weekend was great! Heidi is the best guide. After my first (half) week of school, I decided that this weekend it might be a good opportunity to go and see some of the local wineries. I would bet there are hundreds in the Hawke’s Bay area, but with Heidi’s local knowledge, we prioritized. We also invited along another American student teacher that Heidi’s colleague is hosting (but working at a different school). Her name is Adrienne- the same as my associate teacher, don’t get confused- and she’s from a University in Montana. She is hardcore and brought her bike over from the states! Anyways, we thought it might work for us to do some traveling together, but used wine tasting to get to know each other better!

So off we went. We grabbed a map of some of the hot spots images.jpg and went off to have a lunch at our first stop.

It was Te Awa winery and ended up being one of my favorites.The food was great and the view was fantastic: see for yourself!


Afterwards, we were going to go try and catch a tour at the next winery, but when a local harvester offered us a ride after he caught us snapping away, how could we refuse?


Then it was off to a winery right next door, Trinity Hill, where we tasted, browsed and chatted. All of the tastings are free, and you can taste about 6-8 wines. By the time we left and went to the third, Adrienne said she needed a little bit of a break. I took full advantage of Heidi’s excellent driving and kept tasting. We arrived at Church Road estate seconds before a tour group- perfect timing. Then, the last stop of our afternoon was Mission- New Zealand’s oldest winery. And Look! I finally found a hobbit home!


Oh wait, it’s just a cellar door. Well, that’s not too bad either. We finished up our tastings, and I learned about why the soil is so good for growing wine in this region. There’s a river that flows near by but it actually had a different path prior to the big earthquake. After it shifted it left this amazing gravely river bed. The region is called gimblet gravels.

We tried to stop by the local chocolate factory on the way home, but it being after 5 it was closed… Pretty much everything closes at five except for the grocery store. (see next post!) There are more pictures from the winery with names and descriptions in my Week 1 set if you click the pictures to the right. unfortunately, I’ve decided that it’s impossible to upload them in the order I want, so you have to click on the sets to see the progression. Sorry, but it’s worth it!

I have to go to bed now in order to get ready for my first full week at Frimley; parent- teacher conferences and me leading a reading group, should be great!


2 thoughts on “Wine weekend

  1. that so looks like a hobbit house! Maybe it doubles for both, a wine cellar & a house -they must drink wine- I know that they like mushrooms!

    damn- Hillary- it is so much fun reading and seeing all this!

    what a fabulous way to share!

    love you!

  2. We’re totally chuffed about the Hobbit house. Mia swears if the sun is setting and you squint your eyes a little you can see what might just be the back of Frodo’s head…I’m just sayin.
    Mac, on the other hand, remains incredulous.

    As always, Sam and I are enjoying your blog with all the new updates. We had a good laugh thinking about our H riding a bike after her third winery …er, make that, second winery visit.

    You know who loves you,
    jackie and the gang

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