Shopping on Sunday

After our indulgent Saturday, we had some errands to do on Sunday- and that included shopping. Heidi was nice enough to take me to the farmer’s market as I had showed interest in attending. It runs in the local show grounds from 8:30-12:30 every Sunday. I really wanted to go since it also reminded of me when Mike and I went to the local University District farmer’s market back home. We got there at about 11:30 on what was another beautiful day! We made our way around the show grounds, with all the tents set up in a big circle.


There were plenty of new things to taste and try— apricot gin spread, for example, if I’d so chosen. The local dairy also had a tent there, which is another place on my list. Heidi says they sell a cheese that is some how made with ash of the volcanoes near by– you know, in the somewhat harder casings outside a creamy cheese? I don’t know what it’ called, but it’s dark because of the ash. Maybe I’ll get more information once I actually go there. They also had olive oils, wines, meat from local farmers and of course veggies.


There are lots of things that are familiar and others not so much.


I’m sure Heidi will be tired of me asking what things are, and their names as I’m always pestering her. She is also helpful in pointing things out or telling me tid bits, that would be ‘good for the blog!’ When I go back and write a blog about our day, I’m always asking random questions, too. (like, “Heidi, was it the male kiwis or female kiwis that grow taller?” or “Heidi, what was the name of that vegetable again?”) 🙂 By the way, the things above are asian aubergines (or asian eggplants)-and yes, I did just stop typing to ask her. A lot of the things here are in fact similar, they just go by a different name.

The show grounds are actually beautiful and have a river flowing through. We came across a family trying to catch eels in the river. The young kids were very cute, with their accents and cardboard boxes that they thought they could scoop the eels up with.


You should be able to see the eel, as well. It’s kind of wrapped in an arch around the stick.

After buying some fresh veggies for the week we headed off to do the rest of our grocery shopping, and what I thought would be a routine experience was, of course, something new!

At the grocery store, I found a wall filled with the scanners like that we would normally have at our check out.


I immediately thought of Mike again… who is instantly more engaged by anything technological and I could clearly picture him running up and down the aisles scanning everything in sight. 😉 In fact, you have a membership card that you scan first and then whatever you put in your cart gets scanned as you go along. That way, when you arrive at the end, they only have to scan the scanner (I think. Bare with me.) and up come your total and out prints an itemized list. Also, there are random checks at the end to make sure people are actually scanning everything they’re taking, obviously to keep people honest. In that case they’ll rescan everything in your cart. If you get stopped for a check and something is off, then they will start scanning you more frequently to keep tabs- and obviously you pay the one with everything scanned. If you match up your totals over and over again, then your checks get farther apart.


Heidi’s scanning our bananas, which you weigh first and then a sticker prints out with the price. It was a blast.

After shopping we came home for a lazy Sunday and I got to have an hour and half video phone call with my mom using my laptops. It was great to talk and catch up…. but kind of just made me miss her and everyone more.

Tomorrow will hopefully be better- we are having parent interviews (think conferences) after school which should be interesting, and I’m going to go to the post office to pick up a package from Mike! I also read on Saamanta’s blog that she made me card… although it kind of feels like cheating to find out that way, but anything is nice to get.

Off for dinner soon… tarahiki, which is a local fish. and yummy!



3 thoughts on “Shopping on Sunday

  1. That is so cool about the scanners, of course I would love those!

    That farmer’s market is incredible, remember when we went and it was freezing? I still had a great time though.

    Love you and hope you get your package tomorrow.

  2. Hey there sounds like you had a really fun weekend. Loved the winery photos. Also the farmer’s market. It makes me anxious to go to the market here and makes me jealous of the wine tasting. =) all the info you are giving makes me want to go there, or anywhere for an adventure. Miss you, have a great week, good luck with the parents. =)
    There are more pics of Paytyn on the website if you have time.

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