Musical memories

So, I realize this isn’t directly related to New Zealand, but… hey it’s my blog.

I know that people say that our sense of smell is the strongest when it comes to memory recall, or something along those lines, but I had an interesting experience on the bus coming back up from Wellington that had to do with sound.

Somewhere around Levin, a song came through my earbuds that I some how wasn’t expecting to hear. It’s interesting that songs that you normally associate with one place- say by the Kooks that is connected with dark, stuffy rooms- can exist in other places, like the bright country side of New Zealand. It made me a little nostalgic, but then it also made me think about how far away I am from that place and time— literally and figuratively.




3 thoughts on “Musical memories

  1. Holy Moly!!! You’ve been adding quite a bit to your blog! I guess I should have checked sooner. Looks like you’re quite busy there. Must be nice to get away? Are you homesick yet?

  2. The country is beautiful. Probably more so in person. Your trip makes me think of our stay in San Fran. Too bad you didn’t get to hang off the cable car. =)

  3. I often find my pod playing a song that will instantly take me back to riding the bus home to 4309 after a long day at the salon. Music is a blessing and a curse… it can take you from an aweful moment to one of your happiest or from your current time to a place far away that is calling for your return. I am so glad you are on this trip and I can’t wait to read more and more! Much love little Hillary.

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