City Girl on the Farm (Day 1)

Blair and Heidi have been talking of taking me up to ‘the farm’ since I’ve arrived, which is run by family friends. We decided that this would be a good weekend to go, and I had no idea what to expect. I’d be lying if I said that images of red roofed barns and something like Old MacDonald didn’t cross my mind.

Blair’s soccer season has started up and so we went to his first game. Regardless of the score- which shall remain a secret- the disposition was good as they headed for a local pub for traditional drinks. Although my drink was commented on when we got to the table as a little strong for that time in the afternoon, I couldn’t pass up a New Zealand staple of what they call RTD’s. RTD’s are pre-mixed, ‘ready to drink’ beverages. Jack and coke in the same bottle, people!

After, we headed up to the farm. We first stopped at Blair’s father’s house as we had driven to the soccer game separately and this was a place on the way out of town that we could drop off a car overnight. Blair’s father was away so we didn’t see him, but what I saw instead was an amazing view from the end of his drive! No wonder my grandparents from Hawaii said they considered moving here!

After consolidating cars, we were really off!

This was the puppy’s first long trip in the back of a truck and after a rough start:


he settled down. I did too, as it was a long windy two hour trip to the farm, and this time I was prepared with a common anti-nausa pill called “Sea Legs.” The bottle says “May cause drowsiness,” and I’ve decided that instead of any sort of anti-nausa medicine they’re just massive tranquilizers.

We left late in the afternoon so by the time we arrived to the farm it was dark. We stopped to let Rum out and could barely see the lights from Napier….


We arrived in time for ‘tea,’ and afterwards Blair took me out to experience possum hunting. Possums are a huge pest here but amazingly their fur is unbelievabley soft, and if you can catch enough (apparently around 20), you can get NZ $100/kilo! Ronnie (the farmer who runs the 1400 acre farm!) said a couple possums had been in messing up varying sheds across his property. So we took off to take a look.

We zoomed around tracks that Blair has been travelling on for the last twenty years. I could hear the river and feel temperature changes as our altitude increased, but other than that I was lost in the blackness. Blair was successful and I got my first experience of possum hunting! It feels a little weird to be smiling, but I did get handful of the soft fur to take back!

All in all a very eventful day- if only I knew what Sunday was going to hold!


11 thoughts on “City Girl on the Farm (Day 1)

  1. eeuuuuuuu..
    is that a DEAD possum you are holding by the tail!!!???

    Please—-you really don’t have to experience EVERYthing New Zealand has to offer!


  2. Hey- Wait a minute!! That poor dead possum looks like she has a hairy tail!? What gives? North American possums have hairless tails…are there hairless tailed possums in New Zealand too or do they all have hair on their tails? these are marsupials, right?

    AND- do you need a license to hunt these defenseless creatures? but Blair works for the gov. so he has one as part of his job?

    Or is it like rats over here? open season by anyone…

  3. AND one more thing-

    whiskey & coke???!!!!!???

    and you expect sympathy for car sickness??!!

    make wiser choices before such travel, my friend!

    and that is not just your mom talking!

  4. Hi all,

    The city girl on the farm…she did well!
    Blair has one firearms license for recreational hunting of deer, wild boar, goats, opossums, ducks etc. There are permits that are needed for some areas and others are open to the public. Blair rarely carries a gun for work, a hammer does the trick for any possums that get caught in his traps.

    Yes all opossums here have fluffy tails. They are pests that breed like rats and carry TB….hence Blair’s job for monitoring their numbers so they can be eradicated in various ways.

  5. thanks for the clarification of the possum control. it is all fascinating and fun to learn about NZ.
    I wish I could come join her for some of these adventures!
    thanks for being such a stupendous host!
    she is lucky that she got a placement with you!

    You are welcome here in Seattle any time.

  6. i cannot believe you hunted a possum!!! seriously! that picture SO needs to get framed. I am so happy that you are making the most of you trip down there! 🙂 I just had a Couch Surfer stay for the weekend from New Zealand and I felt a little bit closer to you 🙂 He was really nice and was from Wellington. It was nice to hear him saying alot of the things that you have done. And he told me about this giant plastic ball you get into and roll down a hill… you NEED to do that. Zooming or something like that.

    Anyways, I should have just written you an email. haha. Miss you TONS!!


  7. HEY

    CAN I COME OUT TO BLAIRS FARM TOO?? I am seething in jealousy that HILLARY gets to experience all this and I don’t. And I am older than her! My email is You guys are welcome to come to Seattle and stay with me and my dogs!


  8. Hi Hillary, its Karl. Your Mom and Rick were over last night and told me about your trip and your blog. Very impressive. When I was in West Virginia last summer I saw a bumper sticker that said “Possum…the other white meat.”


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