Hello from Greymouth

Just a quick update on the south island bus tour so far! It’s only been a couple days, but seeing as there’s literally nothing else to do in Greymouth (see map linked in previous blog), I find myself with a couple minutes in front of the hostel’s internet.

The last few days have gotten off to an interesting start, and since I’m going to be brief I feel like the highlights would be written like that old children’s story “Fortunately, Unfortunately” where one good thing is followed by a bad thing on this little boys adventure…

For example: Day 1 Wellington-Picton

Unfortunately, missed the ferry taking me to the south island. But fortunately due to an only half faked disply of anxiety and tears, was given a ticket for the next immedaite ferry at no cost.

Day 2: Picton-Nelson

Unfortunatley lost my ipod, but fortunately found it twenty minutes before I had to leave for the bus station.

Day 3 Nelson to Greymouth

Unfortunately, this was one of the longest bus rides of the trip, leaving Neson around 8:15 and getting into Greymouth at 5. Fortunatley, there are heaps of stops along the way for morning tea, a scenic walk, lunch, afternoon tea (hey- they like their tea!) and another walk. The last one was the Pancake Rocks and until I can upload a picture you should google them or something as they are unbelievable!

Seriously, though, the magic bus tour is really well organized and makes me feel much better now having two days under my belt to feel secure for what is in store. I will have TONS more stories about the region and what I do when I return. The damn bus driver is SO informational and interesting that, yes, I have begun keeping a journal of notes so I can remember to include them on the blog! (When I have more time, that is.)

Right now, the $1 that bought me ten minutes is running out and I am off to bed. The bus leaves every city around 8am, so early starts for Hillary. Tomorrow we’re off to Franz Josef… and HIKE A GLACIER!

Talk to you all soon!



2 thoughts on “Hello from Greymouth

  1. my goodness- that was a bumpy start!

    hope it does smooth out for you!

    can’t wait for more details when you get back and can put it all together with photos!

    happy traveling!

  2. fun fun fun! i am jealous! wish i could be there… theres always some good and bad in trips… thats what makes them so exciting… you’ll have some good stories of surviving some stuff!

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