Did you know….? Some fun New Zealand facts for you

Here are some interesting facts that i’m learning on my magic bus tour:

-There are 182 different locations in New Zealand that were used for the filming of the Lord of the Rings Movie.

-Because of the location of NZ and the depleting ozone, they have an 11 minute burn time, even in winter!

-If you’re in the right place at the right time, then you could potentially feel 150 earthquakes a year in NZ. (There are tons more that can’t be felt at the surface apparently.)

These are all courtesy of Stu, my bus driver for the past week. Since I’m spending two night’s in Dunedin, I’m going to be off his loop for the rest of the trip. He was a great guide…. if not necessarily a great guy. He typically would try and get young women, preferably attractive who were traveling alone to be his ‘secretary’ and get his paperwork ready. (I was attempted to be recruitted but successfully avoided the position.) He’d also say things, like, “Please feel free to come up and ask any qustions you might have. Don’t be shy- your mother wasn’t last night!” However, this would be followed by a detailed explanation of the south islands forestry industry where their pine trees grow to full height about 5-8 years earlier than if planted anywhere in the world- they think due to volcanic ash? And how unilke crops where they take then nutrients out of the soil that farmers have to put back in with man made chemicals, foresting is actually better because of all the decomposing flora and fauna that goes back into the ground after living in the ecosystem provided by the trees. Also, people apparently use it for retirement, since you buy the seeds at $3 each, and then in 20-25 years you can sell your logs for $6/a meter…. and they can grow up to ten meters. You do the math!

I’m in Duniden and would love to right more but the internet is running out… I’m pretty much halfway through my trip and making my way back up the west coast. Tons more stories that I’ve left out coming your way when I get a chance!


6 thoughts on “Did you know….? Some fun New Zealand facts for you

  1. I have heard stories of couples in the South here in Amerika buying into lumber as a means of retirement… buying young lots to let them age and then get good prices for the tall trees many years later.. however, hurricanes & tornados have been known to devastate them before maturity. SO much for safe retirement investments!

    sounds like you are really seeing and learning alot! can wait for when you have time to tell more and include photos! I am sooo envious!
    I miss you so much more than I expected!

  2. Well….. I wasn’t going to seem obsessive, but the trees on the oustide are ones that can get damamged by elements such as wind, storms, etc and they are the ones used for pulp. The ones on the inside are ‘weeded’ after 6 years so there’s room to grow nice and straight and they are used for timber.

    I miss you so muh too, mom!

  3. Enjoy your trip up the EAST coast Hillary. I look forward to hearing all your stories and viewing your trillions of photos on your return to the bay.
    – Heidi

  4. that’s cool that you went to dunedin! david doesn’t remember any of it, since he was so little when he lived there – but sam has told me a lot about it. i’d love to see pictures. 🙂 miss you! hope you’re having fun! remind me again when you’re coming home. p.s. got logan’s present in the mail. TOO cute! i love baby socks. 🙂

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