A Day at the Races

Before I was off to South Island I was so lucky to have an opportunity to go to the race track! They have a track that is apparently used for both dogs and horses- but the only time I heard of dogs being there was for an actualy dog show. Anyways, when I first saw it, I pretty much squealed and told Heidi that I had to go there at some point during my stay. My horse-betting father didn’t raise me to turn down a horse betting opporunity- much less an international one. Once I saw the schedule, I realized this might be harder then I anticipated as their “season” is very scattered, with maybe a race a month and it could be any day of the week!

However, there was one Saturday that I could go and it was right before the south island trip. I was stoked! I was even bragging about it to other staff members and found out that Lynda (who teaches next door to Heidi and is a star!!!) is also an avid horse fan. We made plans to go together and had a great day out.

In fact, our principal is a great fan of the races and gave us a membership pass- which is what you need to sit inside rather than just out on the bleachers. Once inside, we found him and he then gave us his friends’ so that we both could go. We felt very “flash” in the Members Only place… thanks to these little tokens.

Also, while the weather wasn’t the best, when the sky cleared there was a  beautiful rainbow coming right into the track- which he felt MUST be indicative of good luck.

In fact, five minutes within walking inside the gates, we ran into Lynda’s former principal (apparently horse racing is a principal’s thing here…) who was working as a Steward. He led is into where the winners get taken for drinks and brie, and where we got to have a glass of champagne! He told us that we could sit at his reserved table on the top floor and then even gave us tickets to lunch at the fancy restaurant! It was fantastic!

We weren’t, however, so lucky on the track. I never cashed a ticket, although Lynda had two small winners. She was quite pleased- as she should be!

On our way out (as Lynda had another engagment that evening), we stopped by to say goodbye to our principal Malcolm. He had just finished the Term and was off on sabbatical so I actually wouldn’t get the chance to work with him very closely, but he was so hospitable in the time I was with him at Frimley.

All in all, Lynda and I had a great day and I get to say I’ve had another kiwi experience! 🙂



3 thoughts on “A Day at the Races

  1. well… well.. talk about having connections!!
    after all those years going and betting- even Sol couldn’t get you into the winners’ circle!

    you have all the luck- well -not ALL- if you couldn’t cash a bet!

  2. Thanxs for the gorg photo of me posted on here Hillary!!! (not!) We had a great day at the gee gees!! even if we didn’t have money luck the treatment was jolly fine and dashing!

    I have just read all your adventures of the South and The Farm! I really don’t think we can let you go back after turning you into a true blue Kiwi! lol The Trade Secrets of Down on the Farm and South Island Life….live on with you

    You fit in so well to Frimley…even if spelt wrong on your Blog!! tee hee… We still have a lot to do and time is running out oh no…. You Can’t Go!!!

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