Walk around the Block

So… Due to a variety of circumstances, I found myself home really early today (3:30, people!) and decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather. It’s been rainy and cold as fall turns to winter down here, but today was sunny and clear.

Hence, why I decided to go for a walk around the block. Now being out in the somewhat country, where we actually live on an orchard, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when Heidi said the “block” was actually about a 40 minute walk.  So I got my ipod and headed off!

It was that time of day (4:30 these days) when the sun is low over the horizon but still bright and the lighting is amazing making long shadows of everything. The kind of lighting they use in movies when people “walk off into the sun.”

I passed goats eating the underlay of orchards, sheep grazing, horses in paddocks and tons of birds. The majority of vehicles who passed me was just farm equipment. At one point, I could smell an intense fragrance of onions from a field where they had just been picked…. The afternoon was so calm and quiet, it was amazing to be able to think about where I actually was.

While I am looking forward to coming home to my city life with my family and friends, New Zealand definitely has some things to be missed.


4 thoughts on “Walk around the Block

  1. dear brithday girl
    happy brithday
    far away near to all that think of you
    the real first brithday away from home
    smell the flowers for me
    and this is when u stop puttting all the brithday candles on the cake or maybe there are just bisquits ..ha ha down under
    aunty sue

  2. …absolutely no excuses…

    We’re sending you our very best, albeit belated, birthday wishes.
    Happy birthday H!

    …How does one celebrate a birthday in NZ?

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