Zombie Blog Post! 

I’m back from the dead! What’s a mere 7 years between blog posts anyways? (Every journal I’ve ever started resembles this trend exactly. At least I’m consistent.)

I wish I had thought to do this for Indonesia… and Istanbul…but I’m starting a month long Europe trip and remembered how much fun I had keeping a blog when I was in New Zealand and figured, hey, I already have the account, so… I don’t know how consistent or detailed the posts will be able to be with all my moving around, but I think if you sign up to follow then you get notifications so you won’t miss a post…?

Since *cough cough* almost a decade ago, WordPress has even come up with an app and all kinds of convenient tools that hopefully will make it easier to just hop on and check in. (Unfortunately, they also have come up with advertising, too. The full site seems to not have as many as my phone’s view, FYI.) Looking forward to documenting this journey with you!


One thought on “Zombie Blog Post! 

  1. WAHOO! Can’t wait to hear/read your adventures…have a fabulous time! Who knows when you’ll get to Europe next!?!

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