Day 6: Salzburg by Bike! 

After settling into our quaint inn last night, we got up this morning and got ready to head into the city of Salzberg. “Salz” means salt and “berg” means little river.  Salzberg is a town that made its wealth off of the salt mines we saw earlier, as well as settled along a small river, so obviously the name is very fitting. 

The famous fortress above the city was built for the archbishop to protect their salt kingdom. They later moved into a palace in town and both the fortress and the palace in the city are still used by members of the government to this day.

Salzberg is another place where Nadia can’t guide us, so our walking tour was brief but fun! We toured the beautiful gardens of a palace that the archbishop built….. For his mistress. The students started getting excited as they recognized a statue from “The Sound of Music” we had watched on the bus yesterday. 

We also went to Salzburg’s other claim to fame- the birth place of Mozart!  

Salzberg is a beautiful town settled on the river under the watch of one of the oldest preserved mideival castles. It was a hot day but Nadia said we had to take the tram up to the castle and I’m glad we did! 

After walking around the fortress and feeling like we’d gone back in time, we were on our own for our longest chunk of free time yet. It was great but as chaperones it’s not like we really ever have pure free time. We tend to find a restaurant and sit at a central location for a leisurely meal. Today, our next appointment was at 1:45 for the “Sound of Music” Bike tour! 

During free time, Amy and I did have some time to wander around the city, meandering into some shops. Our guide mentioned once that in French the translation for “window shopping” was “window licking” and I’ve since adopted that term. I love it, haha! Nadia also pointed out these small plaques on the side walks saying it was  a token for showing where a Jewish person was taken during WWII, with their full name, right outside the buulding or residence it happened and what concentration camp they were taken to. 

 We found a small town square and bought lunch at a market under the shade of the large cathedral in town. The day was hot, and it is going to jump another 20 degrees on my travels by the time I come home! 

At 1:45, I made our way to the meet up spot for the “Sound of Music” bike tour. I don’t feel the most comfortable on a bike, as well as not the most enthusiastic of “Sound of Music”fans, so needs less to say, I was apprehensive about the next 3.5 hours of my life. 

But the bike ride was beautiful. We were in the town, riding through the square, people both local and tourists, and then made our way out into the countryside. We passed dairy fields, parks and canals. We stopped at various spots that were filmed in the movie, learned interesting trivia and got to see the city from a different view. 

(I thought this was a nice spot for a picture but this was also the lake in the movie where they boated up to welcome the Baroness and then fell in.)  
It was so hot that the bike guides approached us about stopping at a swimming spot to let the kids jump in, fully clothed and all, and then get back on the bikes to ride. 

 Amy said she would go in if I did, so..


After the 10 or so mile bike ride, we went back to the inn, had dinner and then the students went in the hotel pool after dinner. I’m sure we all slept well that night! 



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