Day 9: Palaces and Maypoles

Well, where do I begin with today? First of all, it rained. It rained and it was glorious and I got another use out of my raincoat and jeans that have since been sitting in my suitcase ever since the intense heat wave caught up with us. 

When we left Innsbruck for Munich all the weather forcasts were predicting 90s for our destination city, but we forgot to check the mountain city of Schwangau, where we would have our midday stop. The thunder and rain started and stopped quickly, but it was still appreciated. 

The Schwangau (which means “new stone of the swans”) castle was built in Gernany by Ludwig the II, across from the castle he was raised in (the yellow castle pictured below).

You guys, I had a bad photo day. Seriously. All day, it just wasn’t happening, and here’s some out takes to prove it. 

Ludwig the II built this castle in the 1800s but built it on the fortress of his ancestors (hence the name) and designed it to look like it was from the 1300s! Inside was amazing, and from the outside you can see why it was the inspiration for the Cinderella and Disney castle.  


After a 45 minute hike up the mountain, our tour guide told us about a bridge another ten minutes out. A group of us continued on to the site of this teeny, windy bridge packed with tourists trying to take photographs of the castle from this vantage point. 

This is the best capture I got. I told you; bad picture day. 


Ludwig the II is called the “mad king” because he was removed from office for reasons of insanity, but really that was the only way to get rid of a king back then. More likely, people were mad because he was spending all this money building 4 castles and planning for 3 more, he wasn’t married and didn’t have an heir and so 4 doctors who’d never even examined him called him mentally unstable and removed him from office. Within the week, he was found drowned in a shallow lake with one of the doctors within the week, as he was meeting for an appeal, and while most feel strongly it was a homicide, the circumstances surround inghis death were never explained! 

From there we went on to Munich! Or, Munchen. 🙂

We arrived in the city center around 5 and had just an hour of free time to get our bearings before more free time the following day with enough time for a museum or another attraction. Of course we were dropped off at the heat of the day, but with a little wandering we found a market under a maypole, selling meats, fruits, cheeses, and everything. 


Then, there right in the middle of the market was a nice, shady beer garden! Locals and tourists were sitting having a drink, from families to professionals getting off work. And we just had to join in. You can tell that Amy was pretty happy to be able to have this moment.  


5 thoughts on “Day 9: Palaces and Maypoles

  1. Didn’t you get into the castle…??? It had special theater built where Wagner first performed some of his operas…it had small lake/most and everything..inside!! I would have loved to have seen it!

    1. We did! But they don’t allow pictures. The king’s bed room was covered with Tristan und Isolde scenes!

      1. …. Im sorry that I didn’t! 😦 I didn’t know it was a such a big place of interest.

      2. Sigh…too bad…I regret that Rick & I didn’t go when we were in Munich…but we hardly had time…ah well…you are getting near the end!

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