Europe Spring Break: Day 1&2

Alright people, welcome to that week of my life that became a scene from “Almost Famous.” 

Nothing much exciting to reportso far but trying to get in the documenting habit early. Yesterday was a fly day- I flew all Wednesday night from Seattle to Amsterdam, +9 hour time change, so landed around 1pm local time. I had about 5 hours until my connecting flight to meet the band in Madird, to you know, freshen up, get some food and NOT FALL ASLEEP AND MISS MY FLIGHT AND HAVE EVERYTHING STOLEN. Then of course the flight was delayed which put my 9pm arrival at Madrid closer to 10. TK made it out to meet me and it was so surreal and amazing. 🙂

By the time we made it back to the hotel, I was starving but it was close to 11. We started just walking and luckily stumbled into a restaurant that was still serving food for an amazing post flight meal of Poached eggs and potatoes and ham, oysters, croquettes and olives and salmon. 

Have I mentioned I am thrilled to be back in one of my favorite cites for the next two days, with one of my favorite people. 

Sleep was difficult (not really sure why I thought these naturopathic “no jet lag” pills would some how be magic and put me on jet lag within hours of landing) and Friday, today, was a “show day.” Thanks to black out curtains we slept almost all the way up to TK’s lobby call, and headed to the bus. There is a few hour lull while equipment is set up… A lot of people head to catering so we joined in. And catering in Europe people, is NO joke. Oh, you’re in Madrid? How about some jamòn? 

 After catering, we took advantage of another hour or so to jump a metro train into the center of town to check into the hotel that we would be staying at after the band and crew pull out on the busses late tonight after the show. We are staying directly on the loud and action packed Puerta Del Sol which should be great access to bars and restaurants. I told TK how last time I was here I couldn’t find this one plaque that was placed on the dead center spot of Madrid, and he of course found it within seconds!  
We made it back to the arena where it was time for sound check. 


Another stop at catering for dinner…. And then a lot of green room waiting til show time. The venues all have wifi, which means good opportunity blog updates. 

Except now all of suddenly it’s show time so I’m off to see show 1 of 5 and can’t wait to report back to you all! 


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