Day 3: Madrid Never Gets Old

Well, no surprise, the show was great! I watched from the sound booth area with a full vantage point to get the lay of the land for my first viewing. 

I’m pretty excited to see the show multiple times so I can see it from different places. 

Afterwards, after unwind and dewardrobe decompress time, TK and I said our goodbyes/aka See you In Milan went to our new  hotel and then headed out into the night to find some food. Boqarones (my favorite discovery from my solo Spain trip, anchovies in vinegar) for me and jamòn iberica for him, + amazing Spanish red wines and we’re both happy campers. 

We were headed back to the hotel for a full nights rest when, lo and behold! What’s that we see inside the bar?! Is that a big screen TV playing his favorite basketball team, live?

Why yes, yes it is. We couldn’t walk by without going in for a drink. The Cavs in Madrid at 2am is just too much fate to refute. 

We finally crawled into bed and slept as long as we could. Our hotel was in a good location, but our actual room was SO HOT. And this coming from the girl who is always cold. But. Opening the windows meant all the noise from the square floated in so once we finally figured out our ear plug + window breeze game, we tried to sleep in for as long as we could.

Finally up and at it the next day, we used the time for exploring Madrid – and more food and drinks, of course. 

Coffee at a bicycle coffee shop,  followed by.. Um, well, cava! Hey.. When in Spain. 

  We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring neighborhoods, going in random shops and stores and eating a late lunch in a little square. Did I mention more cava?

A couple other people had done the math that the two day bus ride to Milan might actually be better off with an out of pocket plane ticket instead and also stayed an extra day in Madrid, so we met up with some friends from the band that evening for drinks and dinner closer to where they were staying. It was nice because the crowds in the center of the city were intense. I don’t  know if because I was here last time in July when it was a stupid 100 degrees so all the locals fled the city, or all the tourists know not to come, but it was crazy busy this weekend comparatively. The place we met up was a quieter part of town (also maybe quiet because Madrid was playing Barcelona so everyone was glued to televisions sets) but it was fun to see a different area than when I was here alone. 

Drinks and dinner done, we said our goodbyes. TK and I knew we should be getting to bed in order to be up for our early flight, but we also knew it was our last chance for a Madrid moment. And that moment was… Chocolate and Churros, claro que sí! 

 A great way to end the night and looking forward to moving on to Milan! 


One thought on “ Day 3: Madrid Never Gets Old

  1. What is with the TK initial? Or did you meet up with a clone of GK’s??? So did TK even try the anchovies? Happy continuation of your travel blog- thanks!

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