Day 4 & 5: Madrid to Milan 

This morning was rough. Was it still jet lag? The 3 glasses of Spanish red wine the night before? Or the 4 hours of sleep? Huh. I guess it could be the combination of all three, now that I think about it. I woke in a bad state and promised myself I would take better care of myself. I mean, I have to go straight back to work after this and I’m 31, not 21. 

We got to the airport with some of the other people who had also stayed behind and partook in the cluster that isEuropean  budget airlines.  Our cheap flight also was at a farther out airport,  which means a long cab ride into the city of Mila.  Our driver explained that since it was a Sunday, most everything would be closed! We checked in, took a nap to catch up on sleep, and then headed into the city center of Milan.

We wandered past the main square and got lost in different neighborhoods. The architecture  was so pretty and the buildings with the curved roads were out while we were roaming the city at magic hour, and felt like it was out of a movie set. 

 TK looking like on set of the next “The Italian  Job” movie.   
First stop in Italy, a cappaucino obviously.

 After walking for a while we found a huge park and sat for a quick shared sandwich, and the pleasant spring weather before going off in search of a heartier meal.  

 We realized that we had walked so far out of the center and that yes, indeed, most things were closed so returning to the popular El Duomo square was still likely to be our best bet for food.

I was needing something to eat more urgently (travel hunger is no joke), and when in Italy- Gelato is basically its own food group. So it can basically count as a meal right? Encapsulating all that is a tourist in Italy: eating Gelato in front of El Duomo! 

With a spike in blood sugar to hold me over, we kept exploring side streets until TK found the same place he’d eaten at almost two and a half years ago. A small carafe of house red and two plates of handmade pastas made for a very happy- and full- Hillary.   

We returned to the hotel and for only 7 hours or so in Milan, I feel very accomplished! 

The next day was a show day: which I’m learning looks something like this: sleep in, lounge in hotel room til close til the 2pm lobby call. Shower, pack up, get on bus, ride to venue, unload equipment, wait several hours til sound check, wait, show. During the waiting times are also meals. 

The arena was huge! The crowd was 10,000 people and they were all hyped and ready to go. It turned out there was no wifi at this venue which was why I couldn’t post any updates for this day but the show was amazing! I watched this one down in the floor crowd and had a great time cheering front and center for TK! 

Afterwards was my first “show to bus” transition and I’m happy to say… I survived the evening. Plus I Get two more bus nights to master it.  We drove all night, and pulled up to the next hotel in Linz, Austria around noon. Sure is starting to feel more like a tour now! 


One thought on “Day 4 & 5: Madrid to Milan 

  1. Wonderful sharing! Love the photos too! I swear Rick & I were on that same street with the church behind you and the deco columns on the left! We ate at a restaurant near there too! AND Amazing shots of the show…10,000!!!!! Unbelievable…how does a performer ever deal with coming down after that high! Thanks again for letting some of us stuck at home tag along, vicariously!

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