Day 3: Roman Hotel Holiday

You might have seen on Instagram that Day 3 didn’t transpire as planned. 

A student woke up sick and dehydrated. He was vomiting and constipated from both a stomach bug and not getting enough liquids, and they said didn’t want to go to that days itinerary which was the Sistine Chapel and an Italian cooking class. So, I volunteered to stay back. I’m one of two chaperones staying on in Italy and while I’m not returning to the Vatican, I know I will have many more Italians opportunities than the other chaperones. 

Ultimately the day was very uneventful; I explored the parking garage, ate lunch out of the vending machine (the hotel restaurant didn’t open til 7pm and we were 20 minutes outside the city by bus so morning walkable), and tried to give the shy 14 year old (whose name I didn’t even know before this trip) his privacy and rest, while also asking  immensely personal and probing questions about his bodily functions. The highlight was definitely the house call from the tan, shaggy-haired middle aged Italian doctor named Gulio. 

The chaperones did, however, bring back some of the homemade pasta and meatballs made by the students, and a condolence bottle of white wine! A very unexpected and considerate gesture! 

That night, we had to pack  and get some rest, as tomorrow we were driving away from Rome, headed for four nights in the Florence/Tuscany area! 


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