About this blog

I was lucky (or naive) enough to have the opportunity to do my student teaching abroad. I choose New Zealand as my first choice for the 10 week program. This started as my blog to document my personal experiences, any traveling I do, the trials of student teaching, and now evolved to just document all my travels. Enjoy and thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Oh Hills I am so glad you are traveling! How exciting!!! Glad you created the blog and I will check in on you. Have a great time and share your adventures! Much love

  2. Hillary! I’m so glad you made it and are settled in! Remember to contact/visit Sarah! You won’t be sorry! She wrote me saying she’s been in contact with you a few times–fun! Give the girls a big hug from me!

    Sarah’s ex-husband, David, is also there somewhere. You may also enjoy hanging out with him! Ask Sarah, I know they are in touch. I think he’s getting re-married in December.

    All is well here. I’m leaving Wednesday for my 2 week sailing to the BVI (British Virgin Islands) during Spring break. I can’t wait! I think I’m all caught up with work and I packed yesterday, Sunday, to make sure the little that I need will fit in my bag! Horray for travelling!!!

    Love, Gary

  3. Hell-oooo sister. What a shocker! So psyched that you are on an adventure. Good for you. Life is too short. I love the pics and that you seem to be fitting in so well. Perhaps you are a natural Kiwi. Prvious life?
    All is well in Bloomington. Sh– don’t tell anyone but I kinda like it here. The seasons are beautiful and not working is… perfect! Actually I am working at a school interpreting two days a week. Elementary school with a 4th grader, Mon. and Friday. Quite the blast and a great way to get my foot in the door. Next year there is a full time job available at the middle school that they keep telling me is mine if I want it. Now, do I want it?? Hm.. the jury is still out.
    Becki and Nancy B. were here for 10 days over Spring Break. Great to see them. Fun Fun Fun!
    I realized that I probably should have just written you an email rather than posting this. Ah well.
    Miss you girl. I will be in Seattle for two weeks starting July 4. Will you be back?
    Keeping blogging, showing photos and doing your thing. Life really works best that way.

  4. Wow! I love this, but so much to take in, I’ll have to come back. I’m at school, maybe will share with with some kids. Have to use my administrative override to be allowed into a Blog at all! Stupid system. So cool to see where you are and what you are up to- love the child’s accent, too. And the fossils. Later- Love, Shelley

  5. hi gal what a great blog just love it. having a wonderful time with mom here .have a super time…love ya grandma

  6. what a shame! i fought for many hours to get mom’s computer going for her and one of the first things that she wanted to do was to see your blog-
    it took a loooooooooong time to load -page to page as she is on modem
    and then she wrote you a small note here to let you know that she had seen some fo it…
    but looks like it did not come through!
    rats- she was trying … but I think her modem connection is pretty bad even for what it is…

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