Redwood Adventure

This past Friday, I was able to join Room 8 along with four other classes from the school to go on a fieldtrip to a local redwood grove. They are located in Te Mata Park, at the base and more in the valley than Te Mata Peak- which is obviously a peak and on higher ground. … More Redwood Adventure

Shopping on Sunday

After our indulgent Saturday, we had some errands to do on Sunday- and that included shopping. Heidi was nice enough to take me to the farmer’s market as I had showed interest in attending. It runs in the local show grounds from 8:30-12:30 every Sunday. I really wanted to go since it also reminded of … More Shopping on Sunday

Wine weekend

So this weekend was great! Heidi is the best guide. After my first (half) week of school, I decided that this weekend it might be a good opportunity to go and see some of the local wineries. I would bet there are hundreds in the Hawke’s Bay area, but with Heidi’s local knowledge, we prioritized. … More Wine weekend

Orchard home

Today is my first full day as a Kiwi resident, so I took the time to explore my new surroundings. I’m living with another teacher from the school I work at and her boyfriend. The two of them rent a house on tons of orchard lands, so I went out exploring. It’s so beautiful! They … More Orchard home