Full Control

GRR. I meant to post this so long ago.. well. about 4 weeks actually when I was ACTUALLY doing my full control. The last leg of this trip has flown by and now here it is 7 days until I fly out… My last day at Frimley was on Friday so I have the week to … More Full Control

A Day in Room 8

So.. I thought I would give you a day in the life of room 8, the first grade equivalent class where I work. While all of these pictures aren’t from the same day, they come together to give you an idea. And, of course, I had to throw in some ‘blog worthy’ material as well. … More A Day in Room 8

My New Job

K… warning: I don’t have any of my own pictures yet for this blog, as I haven’t taken my camera to school yet. But it’s still interesting to read, I swear. So today was my second day as Miss H in room 8. (Although, the my host teacher keeps forgetting and calls me Miss Hubacker- … More My New Job